checking in at the beginning of 2018

The end of 2017 was almost as busy as the rest of the year.
During the break between Christmas and New Year's eve we worked on house projects and relaxed a bit and helped Youngest move into an apartment with his girlfriend. We did a couple of runs to Ikea and we rented a truck and we all pitched in and climbed stairs (so many stairs) to his really lovely new home.
I don't think I can adequately explain how I feel about him moving out...I'm sad and miss him and am completely thrilled for them all at the same time.
Middle has moved upstairs from his tiny downstair room and has proven himself a good neighbor. He checks in with me and is good company and I'm grateful for having children who understand the nuances of this situation.
Youngest still texts his sweet messages to me, too.
But, every once in a while, I catch my breath and need a little weep...or find myself very lonely on the train (we commuted together for nearly six years). I'm finding there is as little written on line about this situation as there is decent writing about menopause.
But there's a wonderful snow storm today and we are cozy in front of a fire while the plows go by outside.

Some links?

Perhaps I can get some of the amazing remedies I've bought in Germany for coughs/colds.

I need some of this.

Three co-workers got these for Christmas. I wonder...

Isn't this gorgeous?

I'm thinking these are pretty swell.

I have a hankering for these jeans and LOVE the model.

The floor is LAVA!!!!

It's going to be 3 degrees tomorrow evening. I've ordered some of these.

At work I'm busy planning a trip to Italy and one to London and I couldn't be happier.

Here's hoping you're all cozy at home!


Paola said…
I jumped off the chair when I read about your trip to Italy. Thought you were coming back. You are but not here. I had a moment.
Unknown said…
Yes on the sous vide cooker btw. I just did 14 hour stew meat, then finished it in red chile sauce ...
marian said…
Dooce (remember her??) posted this gorgeous video recently, while talking about her oldest daughter, who is still just a young teen, drifting away. The feeling is the same, perhaps.

It was for me.
Dan Renzi said…
My mother has taken to packing my lunch for work. She never packed my lunch for school when I lived in her home.
Anonymous said…
Bittersweet time of life. I cannot imagine what it will be like, but having some good trips to look forward to would probably help.
Keep cozy.
Pam said…
My children are 33, 36 and 38 and I'm still not reconciled to their leaving. I mean, I am, of course I am, it would be pathetic if they all still lived with us, but at the same time, I'm not.