11 days

In 11 days my company move begins. The first shift of bins leaves my office at 5pm on the 22nd and business as usual resumes at 9am on June 26th.
I'm staying in a hotel next to the new office to be available for "countless finishing decisions." CR, the head of IT will stay as well, which is good as only he and I know how complex this task really is. I eat, sleep and dream it, every day, every night. This does not imply I don't like it - but it's all-consuming.

I'm on my fourth or fifth round of swimsuit orders. I've refined what I want, now I have to find it. This week: Garnet Hill.

All is well at home. All. Is. Well.
(I take days off when I can to REST UP. No kidding, this is exhausting.)

Some links?

Creepy/good, new/old Radiohead video.

Love sandals and socks.

The number one domino artist in the world.

Great links to unexpected ASOS finds. My favorite is out of stock.

SO true.

I was seven years old when my best friend told me I had big thighs.

Yes, $40 shampoo had better be amazing. WHO IS RECOMMENDING $40 SHAMPOO!!?? (I had followed a link.)

The laundry hamper. I have 1600 square feet and it's still all about the hamper.

Turns out, I fly with some frequency. Will I do any of these things? WE'LL SEE.

And, when all of my workworkwork is mostly over, K and I will go to Italy. Watch for my new hashtag: Paolasdesperateethniccravings as K intends to cook some Asian food for her.

Happy Sunday, people.


Paola said…
LOL. I'll be the desperate gal from Positano. A new reality show. LOL
Paola said…
I came back to check our links as I couldn't yesterday (was it yesterday?) and found Positano mentioned also in your last link, I believe Vogue. It's an obsession! LOL
Those flapper dresses are divine.
Duyvken said…
Oooh, swimsuits! Do share. And congrats on the move. That's a massive job! xx