101 days, Paola

In 101 days K and I will go to Positano.
We will eat here and go to any number of beaches.
We will eat... well, we will eat as people do in Italy. And K will cook. K will cook Paola something Japanese and we will sit for a long, long time and laugh and tell stories and probably cry a little too. I haven't seen Paola in seven years and our children have become men and so much has happened. Then again, Paola and I will likely fall into step without too much explaining.

I've shopped for a bathing suit in the last week, via the internet, and let me tell you: it's a minefield. I ordered a one-piece Ralph Lauren from Amazon with a tiny skirt. It had boning and was a little bit too big and gapped a bit here and there. Sent it back.
I got a two-piece from & Other Stories and love the shape of the top, which did not fit properly and thought the bottom was just about right, high waisted and comfortable. I sent it back.
I've got some options from Old Navy coming (I have some old Old Navy swim separates that are pretty great) and a few things from JCrew - think low/high.
I've always wanted to try a suit from JCrew.
In the past I've tried suits from:
LandsEnd - kind of old ladyish
Mara Hoffman - $$$$
Malia Mills - $$$$$ but very comfortable
Patagonia - $$$ no good if you might be chesty
Athleta - $$$ in my experience, oddly made, weird seams and fabrics
I may still try something I have in my cart at Boden.
I'd like to avoid underwire (any wire, really) and it seems to me that department store offerings are all too constructed. Another nail in the coffin of brick and mortar shopping. As I said to a customer service person at & Other Stories:
the whole point of swimsuit shopping on line is being able to try things on at home and send back things that don't fit/suit us. Unfortunately, I was speaking to a man and he just didn't get it.
In case you're wondering, K shopped for swimsuits too last week. He tried on a myriad of things in a store and ordered a few online. Two of them were pretty much perfect on him even though he hasn't got the body of a model either.
I'll spare us all the tirade of looking at the models in the swimsuits whilst shopping for one online.
The point is: we'll get up in the morning, walk down all the stairs to get some coffee and a pastry, we'll pack a light lunch and go to the beach and when Fabio calls and invites us to a feast, we'll go and eat more and it will be wonderful. And I'll work hard to forget how I might look in my swimsuit because I've learned that no one in Italy cares...
...in 101 days.


Paola said…
Counting each one.
Duyvken said…
Yay! I hope you will also take lots of pics. I love hearing about Paola. xx