Archery season is in full swing so K is off, arching.
I've put away the winter things (a chore I hate) and am staring at the summer things. I'm not impressed. You know I don't like the summer.

This week I:

went to the construction meeting


have been admonished for posting photos of the new office on my instagram (by someone who holds no authority over me or what I post, which has infuriated me)


have discovered that this may be my new subway stop,


was given these beautiful cherry branches on Personal Assistant Day,


worked an event at Carnegie Hall (a complicated place),


and am taking time to try to enjoy the Spring.
We have a magnificent display of lilacs outside the upstairs bathroom window. Our first decent crop of them in 20 years.
Meanwhile, K is about to trim the tree as he is growing hops at the foot of it.

I got to wear a headset at Carnegie Hall and announce when the CEO was in place and ready. All of this would have been far more impressive if the sound engineer who wired me up had put my walkie on the correct channel. But never-you-mind. I appreciated looking so official.

The office move becomes more complicated as the days pass. Some days it's all I work on: questions, decisions, renderings, solutions. Black or aluminum? Galvanized or stainless? Trash cans and fabrics and all the while the construction marches forward as the date gets closer and closer. It's like a train I cannot stop but must know a thousand things about. And I like the job of it but there are 146 people whose thoughts and ideas and concerns rest, partly, with me. As the CFO and I say a few times a week: thank god we trust and like the team we have chosen to work with.

I am ever-hopeful that, at the end of all of it, K and I will be able to go away someplace where I can rest my brain.


Paola said…
I know a place!
(excitingly clapping my hands)