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Happy Saturday.
Here's what's going on -

Still very busy at work. Crazy busy, in fact. The next big thing is my trip to London where my dance card is quite full. I will have a Sunday afternoon free and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it.
Then I'm home for a couple of weeks and away to Italy where my schedule is even crazier.
It seems to have turned to spring here. Temperatures in the 60's.
Tonight, K and I will attend a "formal" birthday dinner party. What's "formal?"

I browsed shoes at Nordstrom last weekend.
And I did see some I liked.

White. Imagine?

Sometimes I think I'll never buy another piece of clothing. Only shoes.
Then things like formal parties crop up...or I have to wear something pink to an office function.
Which I did.

There's the bell-sleeved pink top I bought for the office event with my very fancy kinesiology tape.
A co-worker and I use the local ramen shop as a decompression spot after long construction meetings.

It's pretty great.

The windows are open, there's a dove in the tree outside and it's 57.
It was just a little while ago when this happened -

(note little snow face).

Ready for links?

Great photo.

Visit a French butter factory. (You can almost gain weight watching.)

I'm dining here.

Would you? I would not.

Did you know we despise Trader Joe's? We do.

Look. I'm terribly devoted to both the Minnie pant from JCrew and the Pixie pant, both stretchy and comfortable, but when you start telling me about dress yoga pants? Count me OUT.

WeWork for grown-ups.

First, this is a great microwave cleaning method, but secondly, what's going on in the comments?

Okay, so I get a lot of links from Kottke.

I need to go here. I want a sampler pack ($80).

Down To Earth shoes.

I am completely involved with This Is Us and it is absolutely Thirty Something updated.

This is on our list of documentaries to watch.

I have a crush on Emily Blunt.

Have a good weekend, friends.


Paola said…
Love your links. LOVE them.
I think I'd jump, that's all we did as kids here, jump off the cliffs, challenge each other to the higher one.
Now, I MUST show Fabio that Barkley Marathon.
I didn't recall your dislike for TJ.
Anonymous said…
My feet got tingly watching that. Oh my!
We don't have a TJ here, so I'll probably never know...
I bought some red boots two weeks ago. It felt awfully indulgent. They're "Rovers" made in Portugal. D's not sure how he feels about them. They make me feel powerful though.
Happy trails to London! I hope your Sunday off feels well-spent.
Crazy Mom! said…
I have gotten sucked into This is Us.

I WEPT in the last episode. SO HARD. WEPT I tell you.
Duyvken said…
Love those fabric scrunch shoes. G and I were admiring a pair last week.
Anonymous said…
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