catching up, photos and links

It's strange, writing here. I've fallen into the habit of doing this on weekends - and sometimes not even then. I feel a little sad about that but, right now, my day to day world is pretty complicated. And some of what I'm doing at work can't really be posted about for a variety of reasons.
But all is mostly well. K could use some work but that's nothing new.
Everything else moves apace.
I'm listening to This American Life and blogging. It's Saturday morning and tonight we'll have dinner with church friends who we haven't seen for a while.
I'm looking forward to it.

We watched the farewell address


it was hard.

I went on a long field trip to look at workstations.



Women in my city are wearing short boots and no socks and have bare ankles whilst wearing huge parkas.


And so am I.

Here's a pretty swell Ted Talk that made me cry a little.

I'm sure it's stress.

K and I had these a long, long time ago. I'd like to get K a new pair.

This is a fascinating list...but mostly because I don't do most of those things.

I have a thing about laundry hampers. And baby strollers. I walk past a baby store on my way to work and often have to stop and stare at the windows.

I'm organizing some events at a palazzo. A palazzo! Will I attend these events?

I love this.

Thoughts on this? I'm not so sure.

So true.

My sons are very excited about this.

Our weather is strange. One day we need this, the next we aren't wearing coats.

Seen these? I may have mentioned them before.

Great mashup.

German favorite of the week: Blink eyeglass cleaning wipes.


Anonymous said…
So many swatches!
I bet it's an exciting time to be so productively planning future things at work.
I find myself curling up more and more into myself to avoid the news and the politics and the shitty way it leaves me feeling.
I don't trust the mac and cheese recipe. But the classical mashup was a great recipe.
Those Obama girls set the bar--hell, the whole family set the bar really high. You just know how kind history will be when writing their story. And this chapter will make theirs glow even brighter, don't you think?
Paola said…
What are you hinting in your first sentence? I sure hope nothing. I DO understand you're in the middle of a big transition at work which needs you 100% (if not more), but don't ...
Jeanne P said…
I had 8 years of piano lessons. That classical mashup made me smile so much, then get really teary.
The news lately is so shitty (including 2 much-loved Orlando police officers who died on duty the same morning). I used to be a news junkie and it makes me a little sad that I've been avoiding it.
I find myself spending much more time in books, music and art. I've got a Wyeth exhibit and a Frida Kahlo exhibit on my calendar.

Your work seems to be exciting and exhausting at the same time.
I found a really good slow cooker Mac and cheese recipe
Have a good week.
Scot said…
I told myself I could play around on the computer for a few hours tonight. I don't think I'll make it until 4 in the morning! Great TED talk. Did you know that to be in the audience of a TED talk the tickets sell for about $4,000 ?!?! yet, they offer and archive them for free via the internet. Technology, Entertainment, Design!
I have this cart. ILOVE IT!
Last Monday we had 101 MPH wind gusts, 60 MPH constant. The weather people kept saying we had a land locked hurricane! "Strange" would be an understatement!
You know, making Mac & Cheese is just not that hard! That stuff, for some reason, looks gross.
Tat windshield deicer is old news around here and it WORKS!
I'm in the middle of my usual horrendous January order from The American Academy of Forensic Sciences. I know I've told you about this before. This year the order is 88 pages with many of those pages containing 3 to 5 awards on the page. It's taking a toll on me. I come home from work, do more work on the computer, realize it's 10:00 or 11:00 and I haven't eaten yet. That has been my life for the month of January. I'm starting to understand those zombies on that zombie show. I'm in a zombie zone but I don't want to eat brains. Which is a good thing for the guys I work with They haven't any.
I promise you I'll write you as soon as I catch a break or and done with AAoFS awards.
By the way, the grand-niece sneezed and blew her Hubba-Bubba right smack into my hair. That old peanut butter life hack did the trick!
Say Hi to everybody for me.

I'm NOT a robot! (I just feel like one...)
Duyvken said…
I love 'visiting' you online, even if you are only able to post intermittently (I'm no better myself). Thanks for all the links. xx A
Amy A. said…
That TED talk was amazing.