Tis the season...

for Middle's birthday


in which Youngest gives the very best

for antler-wearing


because he steps out each day with them on -

of decorations in all the usual places



holiday parties


and slightly hungover mornings


and more and more and more


and then some pie.


We have a busy week ahead of us.

In the meantime, some links.

My brother is posting holiday commercials - some notables:

Polish grandpa.

West Jet.

Mog the cat.

I can easily cry during any point in any of them.

Call me crazy, I like Rhianna's Pumas.

Need a hostess gift? Or any gift?

This appears to be a solution.

One of my favorite responsibilities is buying baby presents from the CEO. I like to get something the new parents might never purchase...but I'd never do this.

Here's a wonderful video about Harris Tweed. I had no idea.

We've done this and it's gorgeous (though complicated to be successful at).

I was so surprised to see this dress IRL. Lovely. I broke up with Anthro a long time ago but there is one in the lobby of my new office building. We live with hope.

Christmas Carpool Karaoke.

May your days be merry and bright.



Paola said…
Those commercials are lovely but the cat one tops them all.
Brave Youngest!
You should see how the chidren are clothed here ...
Harris tweed. I didn't know either and I was fascinated.
Christmas carpool karaoke on the other hand, I had seen already adn loved it!
Let's celebrate then!
Duyvken said…
Oh that Anthro dress is gorgeous.
I also love buying new baby gifts, I always to used to make something but that's fallen by the wayside.
I love the way you have hung the string lights in the dining room. Just beautiful. I will probably forget but I'd love to do something like that in the hallway next year.
Crazy Mom! said…
Love the Polish Grandpa...

another gift guide
Anonymous said…
Back at you. We have it white here, snow everywhere.
Sounds like YOU are enjoying lots of festive fun.
Christmas commercials always get me. And so does good soap.