so, that happened

I don't mean to complain (or maybe I do, a little) but it feels like I got off the plane, having worked very hard in Germany, and began a weeks long slog that has exhausted me a bit. (Though I will also mention that my B12 shots have worked beautifully and my numbers are great.)
My brother and I were taking my mom to dinner on the evening I returned when it became apparent that she needed medical attention. She's doing better but was hospitalized for nearly two weeks. And, while the CEO has always been generous regarding time away from the office during times like these, I've been working and schlepping back and forth and worrying and voting and worrying and it's been a lot.
I'm home today. We're having dinner with friends. We are processing the election news and thinking about other things. We are well, we are working, we will be okay.

Here are some links -

Reading Garrison Keillor is almost better than listening to him.

And it is going to be okay. Somewhat simplistic, yes, but optimism helps.

It can be okay.

I would do this.

For those who asked, this is the rose oil that Judith brought me, which I love.

The Echo sample sale is coming.

Smart, or just another thing we won't use in our kitchen?

Moving, true, made me nostalgic for baby times.

Sometimes Paola has crazy weather.

I love weather, you know.

Our lease is up and we are going to test-drive this this weekend.

The leaves and light are beautiful and it's going to be cold tonight.
These things please me, they are enough.


Living in the metropolitan area, I do not understand people who spend good money on making their own bread. Walk out your front door, go into any deli, market, or superstore and you will find artisanal breqd galore. $225 is a lot of dough. Pun intended.
Anonymous said…
Oh, weather!
Oh, the stress of this week.
It would be therapeutic to buy a luxurious new scarf and wrap my head in it.
Or eat a lot of bread.
I hope your mom is doing okay.
Paola said…
First I need that button. Love it!
I will show Fabio that time lapse photographer, he's trying to learn as he loves them.
VW Golf? Really? I must let you know I've never liked it, in spite of the fact that it is one of the most reliable (and sold) cars.
Weather is crazy indeed. I didn't know the water spout was on Youtube. It was impressive, I filmed it myself but from my home it wasn't the best position.
I do hope your mom is back home and fine.