It's a long lazy weekend.
The leaves are nearly down.
It was a short week so I don't really have much laundry to do.
I do, however, need to make an apple whiskey crumble, which the CEO tempted me with in a text message. (That happens from time to time - I get a text of some amazing food the CEO has whipped up.)
We've started our holiday shopping and, let me see if I can describe this, one of my favorite things happened yesterday: my bunch tends to check in with each other a lot. Do I think Middle would like this? Should I get this for dad? Can you make a wish list for me? But yesterday we thought of something (some thing) for one person that seemed perfect. And, as each of us came home/got up/logged on we discussed/researched/debated until we agreed. So, now we have the perfect thing and we're all a little excited.
Me? I like bars of soap, boots, scarves. I think I'll add some of my wishes in here with my collection of links for today.
Boys, it's all you.

The huge Echo sample sale is soon. The company I work for is extended an additional discount and it's always a ton of fun. Next year we won't be in the same building and that will not be so much fun. I have curated the site and have some scarves I'd like to check out, and I have a small collection of scarves from years past that were mistakes which I'll leave in the company kitchen.

I am coordinating an event in Italy and having a grand time choosing a palazzo.

I'm saving this. Could be handy.

Maybe I would move.

Money face challenge.

Middle alerted us to this yesterday. One either gets it or doesn't.

How much do we love Jacques? Very much.

A new way to travel.

I'm not sure what makes this salad special, but I think I'd love it.

Maybe it's because I'm old(er), perhaps it's because I've been here (on the internet so long), or it could be my ambiguous feelings about him that have me saying No shit, Casey.

Soap. Soap. Soap.

Boots (yeah, I do have Uggs, but they are INSIDE Uggs, and these, in a 7 are OUTSIDE Uggs AND water repellant).

Boots (mixed bag here, would love a pair of Blunnies, sizing is CRAZY).

Boots (my pal DW has these...oof).

Scarf (get it?).

Scarf. (I don't actually have a scarf with tassels)

Scarf. (Special Edition!)

I'm off like a dirty shirt.


Anonymous said…
I purchased a pair of Blundstones last year and LOVE them. No one around here wears them, I get complements all the time, however. I normally wear 7.5 or 8, the 4.5 fits perfectly.
I JUST read about that hole a few moments ago!
The money challenge made me smile.
And so did your closing--my dad says that all the time. "Off like a dirty shirt.
kmkat said…
Younger Son just introduced me to Casey Neistat a few weeks ago... and now he's gone? Late to the party much, Kat?
Paola said…
Yum salad.
The hole ...
That Herm├ęs scarf!
Nice boots.
Love the money challenge.
Casey, another gold digger?