We've watched a lot of Olympic coverage.
K watches archery on his laptop while I watch other events on tv. We just saw the awful crash in the women's cycling race. Awful.
We watched women's tennis too - a great match.

So, off I went, on Friday, to buy my eyeliner pencil. I headed out to Ulta in a shopping center about 15 minutes away. Not only did they not have the pencil but my dislike of Ulta was confirmed as there were large plastic bins of old, used make-up crowding the aisle where I needed to shop, no sales associates in sight, terrible loud music and a completely empty store full of sloppy-looking shelves.

I decided to check out Nordstrom Rack and Saks Off Fifth. Who shops there? What a mess they both were and the prices were not what I expected. I saw a nice sweater for $129 (in other words: not cheap) and both stores were a wreck. I never seem to have luck in stores like that. I went to the Gap outlet too - a bust. I saw a dress I had admired about a month ago on their site and it was $69.00. That doesn't seem like much of a bargain.

Finally, I went to Trader Joe's to pick up some things for dinner. They have good produce, that's for sure but no one really likes the rest of the stuff they sell.

In other news, K and I are going to the movies tonight!
Stay tuned for my review.


Paola said…
Have you gone back to your latest page?
You're right, those do not seem bargains at all.
Waiting for the review.
Anonymous said…
I cannot abide sloppy stores, loud stores, stores without helpful sales staff. Am I old? Impatient? Crabby? Probably all of the above, but those qualities make me turn on my heel.
kmkat said…
Sadly, I am addicted to Trader Joe's salt & pepper potato chips. Luckily for me, it is a 150-mile round trip to obtain them, so they are an occasional treat.
Kamsarmer said…
No. Anything at Trader Joes that "was " fresh isn't. Love them for canned, frozen and bottled, but dairy and fresh fruits and vegetables is Russian roulette fodder.