some thoughts on sports

We're watching water polo.
Who actually plays water polo?
Do you know/have you ever even heard of anyone playing water polo?
And how have those little hats with the bows under the chin not been modernized?
The players can palm the ball!
Oh, I would faint, be winded, in mere seconds, Middle offers.
Meanwhile, on another channel, they are playing handball, which looks exactly like water polo but is on land, with a smaller ball.
Why is this not called land polo? I ask.
Because land polo is played with a horse, Middle contends.

We nod solemnly.


lisak said…
My son, a college sophomore, plays water polo. I've wondered the same thing about their hats. And same son made the same observation while watching the handball-- kind of like water polo on land with a smaller ball,.
Paola said…
I love those little hats with the bow!
Anonymous said…
It's amazing how many Olympic sports don't even exist where I live--NO ONE plays rugby, water polo, handball. No one around here really rows, sails or skulls. Some of these sports seem really regional to me. Others seem really random, like synchronized swimming and diving. It's mysterious how some activities are declared Olympic-sport-worthy and others are not.
Anonymous said…
We had a water polo team at my high school--30 years ago, Southern California beach town. I wonder if they still do? Will have to check.