Ugh. It's still summer. Hot too.
On the upside: this is the first time in 25 years we don't have someone going to school.

Here's every Hitchcock cameo ever. Did you know he appeared in every one of his films?

This is my favorite perfume of all time and I have just a tiny bit left. WHAT NEXT? (discontinued)


We have frozen pizza about once a week.

Sweet children's things.

I'm a little obsessed with small humidifiers.

Some of these seem obvious, some don't.

The Encyclopedia of Matt Damon.

This is a terrific report on how jeans fit on real women.

I may have posted this before but it's worth listening to again.

Middle sent me this one.


Scot said…
For your perfume:

This was the BEST episode of the Moth I've ever heard. When I found it on youtube I shared it with everybody!

Judith said…
I found a vendor in Switzerland that still has your perfume. Do you come to Germany again for the book fair? This is Judith who almost managed to meet you last year :) If you want you could have it sent to me, and I'll bring it to you then. Or maybe send it to the people from your favourite hotel, if someone from the internet whom you haven't met yet feels too weird. They probably wouldn't mind holding a small package for a shortish time.

I have no idea if the price is horribly expensive though, which is a real possibility with it being Switzerland. Also, it's an eau de toilette, not eau de perfume:

The postage probably adds another couple of bucks, I would've had to register to see that. Shouldn't be too egregious though.

On an unrelated note, I was reminded of your picture of the rabbi blessing a load of dirt because of a job I had this weekend. I was there to take pictures at a local horse club that had a pet-blessing, where the local priest came to bless all the horses, and also the dogs people brought as well. The priest was not only there to bless the horses, he also came from the church in a group of riders on horseback himself.

Last year, someone apparently brought a cat, too. No info on if it was kept in a carrier for the blessing, on a leash or held on the owner's arms. The latter would seem particularly unwise though, as those blessings aren't only done with holding hands up, but with flicking water at the blessee.

Other things: I've seen getting blessed: ambulances, fire trucks.
People around here aren't very religious anymore on the whole, but I suppose those are definitely cases where any extra bit of good luck would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said…
I'm going to watch Butterfield during my lunch break this year. I feel like that will get me through the afternoon quite nicely.
Those skydivers made me think of the Power Rangers.
And that encyclopedia-style interview was clever.