Links for Friday

Woof. What a week. The CEO is back (he's been away for weeks) and everyone wants time with him. We were very busy...though I did manage to attend wine club yesterday afternoon.

Here are some fascinating links for you.

Hilary Clinton's husband wore a fetching pant suit.

Have you seen this page of temptations?


Beautiful bows. (I am the wife of an archer.)

Everlane delivers free of charge, within one hour, in Manhattan.
It's like Maple for clothes.

I love this video.

We enjoy simple pasta dishes - I think this one may be next.

I am in search of a tote with very specific properties. It can't be too big. The handles have to be just right. It has to have some heft. No zipper....

Middle has reported that this method is the best for hard-cooked eggs. We're trying it again today.

Apartment archery.

Are you playing Pokemon Go? A couple of gents in my house are dabbling.

I have some time to myself today.
I'm off to Ulta for a new eye pencil...and who knows where else!


Anonymous said…
"I am the wife of an archer." That sentence--poetic and old-fashioned and unexpected in phrasing.
Pilgrim--I like the concept visually, but the words ... too gushy.
But that Thomas Lilley, on the other hand. I can get behind him.
Enjoy your free time--and the back-to-normal now that your boss is back in town.
Paola said…
Pokemon Go. I see no use and it's scary how insane it's gotten.
kmkat said…
Here is my favorite easy pasta recipe:
I like to increase the garlic -- why not? -- and maybe add mushrooms.
I am going to make that spaghetti and herbs dish