blackbird's two minute movie reviews: Jason Bourne

Did you know I love a good "action thriller?"
I do...if there isn't a lot of brutal violence. Or bloody gore. Not a fan of terrifying suspense either. Or being afraid. Or disgusting aliens. Or rape and torture.
This annoying list keeps me away from dozens of movies, but every once in a while I get lucky. I've only hidden my eyes from a handful of scenes in the Bourne canon, so I thought I might be okay. And I was! There was only one part I hid my eyes during.
Did I love it? Meh.
Did I hate it? Nope.
Was it entertaining? Yeah, I guess.
There certainly was a ton of action. I felt breathless.
There was a strong female character, which I appreciate.
Matt Damon is fine.
I think the thing that stuck with me was Alicia Vikander's hair. Is that crazy?!
Fortunately, I am not alone!