I'll tell you, I shed a little tear last night as A Prairie Home Companion aired its final show. For so many years I've listened to it whilst cleaning the kitchen on a Saturday night...or was delighted to find it on a road trip...or sat in a vacation house near a fire or a lake enjoying it. It's been part of my life for so long that I'm sad to see it go. I've seen it live a few times too, but it's not the same.

Archery season is in full swing. K took first place a few weeks ago and is working hard to not have the politics (a new facet of archery world) not spoil his enjoyment of practicing and shooting.

Oldest has been away since Wednesday, Middle was pretty sick last week but he's fine now (it's so interesting the way I can snap right back into full mothering mode the instant one of them isn't well) and Tuesday is Youngest's first day of work. I sent him out to buy work clothes and he came back with some real treasures. He's going to be just great.

Yesterday we went to the annual barbecue at MFAO Aunt's house and, as usual, ate like there was no tomorrow and laughed until we were crying. I'm exhausted.

Tomorrow we're having a barbecue of our own with archery friends and ribs.

Some links?
Of course.

I'm no make-up maven but I am very pleased with several products I've purchased from It Cosmetics. Sure, I saw them first on QVC but that helped me to learn what I needed and I have not been disappointed.

I'm crazy about some of these things as well, recommended by a co-worker and life-changing.

The weather. June 28th. New York City.

Thought provoking insight on Bill Murray.

I want, just about, everything.

We love Tony Hawk.

STILL looking at real estate.

The conversation in which I attempted to describe this character to Youngest is, possibly, even funnier than the character.

It's lovely and cool today...but next week?
Not my favorite.


Anonymous said…
*sniff* I feel the same way about Garrison Keillor. He pulled out the best of the midwest in those programs, in a gentle and mocking way.

I must use those weather reports when my students work on description. They're so vivid.

Happy 4th!
Paola said…
Of course I had no idea what you were talking about wiht the program so I Googled it. They even made a movie and wow, the cast!
Love that wool website!
Happy 4th!