staying distracted

I'm listening to an NPR story describing how today in this country is not unlike 1968, which is good as I can't imagine things seeming so dark and it's reassuring to know we got through difficulties before. Of course, that's just here. The rest of the world seems even more troubling.
I try to distract myself from all the bad news.
Today is housework day, but first, some links.

I've just read that the Metro Card will be phased out in 2018.

Isn't this a lovely room? It's the before!

It seems so simple.

Joanna Goddard has great links.

Beyoncé heals.

OMG. I am bra shopping. It's a nightmare.

I always tell myself I'm not going to get excited. Then I see this and get excited.

Isn't this lovely?

How to speak Ikea.

We make this while K is at archery on Friday nights. It's amazing and works every time.

I'm off to the beach tomorrow for my birthday.*

*I don't like to celebrate my birthday.


Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Well, I like to tell you happy birthday!! Happy birthday, bb.

Hope the beach was great. Happy Birthday a tad late!
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday! I hope every part of the day was perfection.