It's been a rough week in my professional and personal worlds and in my country too.
My office, my home, the news (which I don't often watch) is filled with anxiety-proving situations.
Things at work and in my house will surely recover. We will be fine, we've just had a rough week.

I'm not so sure about the larger picture.

This morning I read this.

Then I watched this.

I realize this is always a positive kind of place, my site.
I'm going to work on feeling more positive.


Duyvken said…
Hoping for peace and calm at home, work and your country in the coming week. xx
Paola said…
Guess what I was just reading.
The world is going insane.
Anonymous said…
This is so hard. And so divisive. I live around people who are unspeakably racist and impossible to talk to because they have bought into the myth of entitlement and see any equality as stripping them of the power they enjoy. It's a sick, sick world. The only hope I have is that we can do better with the next generations.