everything and nothing

Everything has been a little bit off at my house over the past couple of weeks. Lots of little things, nothing in particular/some things in particular. Perhaps the planets were out of whack and we all felt it. I don't know.
It feels a little like we're rushing to the next thing which is not a good way to be.
But it's gin and tonic season, so that's helpful.

Here are some great things from Fancy.

I love browsing here.

Won't you miss him? We shall miss him.

Perhaps this will help.

I'm making these this weekend.

I'm a little dubious about $30 dresses but some of these interest me.

Do you listen to podcasts? I've just started and I'm liking it.

This is the most stupid list, and I love a good list. Don't people already know/do these? Who's reading this? I hope it's eight year-olds.

Just file this away for next year.

I am not convinced. NOT. It's a good start though.

I got a foam roller. Now I need to learn how to use it. After two years (two years!) of post-accident recovery focussed on my hand/wrist/arm/shoulder the rest of me is a bit stiff and crackly. I suppose I can ask my PT giver about it. Yep. Still in PT. Right now we're working on median nerve tension from my middle finger to my elbow and arthritis in that thumb. I'll be done at the end of the summer and, I just want to say, people, the next time you consider doing something risky (like riding on the back of a motor-scooter to get an Italian ice with your husband) consider the fact that it will probably take you two years to sufficiently (and perhaps not completely) recover from injuries you may sustain if there is an accident. Ditto skydiving, jumping from the rocks into the water, bicycle racing, skateboarding, long-distance running, bungee jumping. I cannot fathom the kind of injuries people must incur in an automobile accident. Sure, we can guess at the major ones, but there are dozens of small things that will never be the same.

Okay. Done with that small rant.


Look at this beautiful child with his new haircut.


I took this so I'd remember the outfit. I've no idea what I'm wearing.


I am allergic to the zinc in sunblock. All the fancy sunblocks with organic-only ingredients have zinc. I need the chemical-filled spray on kind.


The carpet I created in the lobby of my office needs repair. Again.


I took my Chicago team to dinner at the newest Mario Batali restaurant. The company was excellent. The service, perfect. The food, meh.

I have far fewer late-night pick-ups at the train station now that Youngest has graduated. (More on Youngest next week.) Last week I fetched Middle. You can spot me in my driveway, in my nightgown and boots, taking pictures like these.


There's a new club at work called Do Stuff/Make Stuff. I don't do frisbee and soccer but I'm happy to Make Stuff. Last week we decopaged little boxes whilst soft music played in a gently lit room. It was pretty great.


And then, at the end of the long and tiresome week:


sitting amongst boxes and co-workers, the best club, wine club.

Things might be looking up.


Anonymous said…
I really like your shoes in that first picture.
My youngest wants a "cool" haircut. Then he cannot abide long-ish hair and demands I shave it off. As soon as I do so, he wishes he had a "cool" haircut.
It's swell to have a workplace that makes you happy and encourages creativity. And it's rare. You are a lucky woman.
Paola said…
Ah Bb, don't think like that. Don't rant. Shit happens every day, do I have to remind you? I've spent the past 36 years on a scooter, I fell once and didn't break any
thing yet I broke my foot while WALKING to work. I know it's hard to understand when you're into your second year of PT after two surgeries BUT that's what I think.
Eager to hear about Youngest.
I have your same feeling, I must get to the next thing ... not good.
Your work place is AWESOME as your co workers.