Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham has died.
The Times has lost a brilliant contributor.
We have lost a wonderful eye - an unassuming gentle soul who saw all the small details that make life interesting.
I used to separate all the sections of the Times on Sunday and save the Style section for last but turn to his page first.

Imagine being photographed by him as you jumped over a puddle or snowbank?
Imagine him spying you in your very best outfit?
Imagine seeing yourself looking amazing that day, in the newspaper?

I'll miss those photos.


Anonymous said…
Oh no!

I'll miss him so.

Thanks for the news.

kmkat said…
I thought of you as I looked at his work on the NYT today.
Paola said…
An IG photographer friend posted the sad news an I immediately thought about you. It is indeed a huge loss.