links for Sunday

I'm packing for Chicago, it's raining, it's been raining for days, and it's going to be a very busy few weeks here at my nest.

Here are some links for you...

K is making this for dinner at my request (it is Mother's Day but I don't care about Mother's Day).

One of my dinners in Chicago is here. Looking forward.

I'm planning on going here with a work-friend when I return. So many new foods.

I'd like to run away here with K.

My friend M and I texted through the entire Met Gala red carpet. But somehow we missed this.

I love this great piece on advice for sons.

Years ago I did a black on black tote from LLBean. It's the beach bag now and pretty worn out...but they stopped offering all black. Now it's back and I may have to make a new one!

Wonderful frightening photos of waves. I am drawn to them and afraid of them at the same time.

Speaking of...this scares me to death.

I've thought about this whilst flying.

Of course I think she's gorgeous and unassuming and believe she is the most modern kind of ideal beauty. I was a little surprised at this reaction.

It's nice that there are lots of interesting, less constructed swimwear options out there. I don't want a suit that sucks me in and smooshes me, nor do I care to spend hundreds of dollars on something so simple.


A Short Imagined Monologue.

Hey! I had 2700 hits on May 4th...what's up with that?!


Paola said…
SO many gorgeous things in your links. All.the.time
Thank you
Duyvken said…
Oh that treehouse!
Anonymous said…
The treehouse is sublime.
The waves are majestic.
Free diving--freaky!
You pick the best restaurants.