It's Saturday and warm, not warm, raining, not raining, sunny and gloomy.
K has gone to Virginia to be useful to his dad who is in very poor health.
All this week he waited to hear about a video to edit and it never materialized and THAT meant amazing dinners and the freedom to travel.
But tonight, as he's away, me and the boys are having sandwiches from the deli and we are terribly excited about it.
I'm watching Mr. Selfridge. I seem to have lost track of Mr. Selfridge some time ago - or quit it as I had quit Downton Abbey.

I'm working very hard at PT on very small, fine movements while the therapist works on the tissue around my incision. It turns out I have very poor fine motor skills in my left fingers. This is not surprising. My first round of PT therapy was all about recovering from the injuries I sustained. This round will help me do things like write, fold laundry, and pick things up.  I've been amazed at the things I am unable to do. Writing was just one thing I lost.
Anyway. The road to improvement is long but I'll get there.

And there's my London outfits to plan if only because I need to not wear any of them next week. I had thought I'd need to go to a shopping mall in London as I want to visit a bunch of different shops. But I wasn't looking forward to it. THEN I realized that the shops I want to visit are all near Regent Street so that's where I'll go. (I'm going to Liberty!)

I've seen the ends of three different sad movies today and had three little cries.
Oh, and, I've painted my toenails deep navy blue.

The sun is out again.


Helen said…
Go to Liberty for me I said to my 18 year old son, stranded in London for a few days after the Paris attacks. He did. and he loved it :-)
Hoping K's Dad rallies. I am sure just his presence there will help. London! My friend just returned and I am shamelessly prodding her for all the details so I can see it through her eyes.
Paola said…
Sweet Alice took me to Liberty!
I hope K's dad recovers swiftly.
Wendy said…
Liberty! So envious.
Anonymous said…
Bon voyage!
You'd love it here, we're supposed to get 3 inches of snow. It's so strange to still wear boots, leggings and sweaters in April, but I learned long ago that nature trumps style. At least in Wisconsin it does.
I hope England is a great adventure.