How they did it.

Eagerly planning for Spring, which is highly unusual for me as I love the winter, we hear that it will snow. Not a lot of snow, but still, I've purchased Spring shoes, people, and thought I might wear them soon(ish).

I'm off to London in a few weeks and thinking hard about what I'm wearing there and what I might want to do on my day off.  That's the next big work project I have, London. I've just finished three days of catered food and an offsite which turned out well but was really a lot of work.


It culminated at a Company Meeting (I did a huge powerpoint)(I got a lovely shoutout at the end from the boss) where our new branding was announced.
I love our new branding.

Youngest is on Spring Break, which I should clarify means he will be laboring intensively on his thesis. Yesterday was his last day of class before the break and he forgot his passport. He wasn't planning on traveling, he was planning on drinking. How to remedy?


Simple. Have Middle hold the passport whilst I photograph and send it to Youngest at the bar. And it worked! Kudos to the bartender.


There are some pretty little flowers in our garden. I suppose I ought to go out and cut them so they don't die...in the SNOW.

In the meantime, I'm totally buying this swimsuit and I've just made arrangements for a house on the Cape at the end of the summer.
Looking forward.


Happy weekend.


Anonymous said…
How nice to enjoy so much success at your work. And even nicer to hear people's appreciation/applause.
Anonymous said…
Oh beautiful suit! I am happily adding things to do to the NY list. Two days after the election, we get on a plane. London--sounds fabulous.
NorahS said…
I need a new swimsuit. Pondering... A few days on the cape sounds lovely.
Paola said…
You deserve to be recognized for your hard work! That flower looks so cute. Youngest will go places, I know.
Paola said…
The clip is absolutely fabulous!