Middle is going to Italy to visit his girlfriend.
He and I worked hard to find flights he could afford that didn't involve long layovers (36 hours in Istanbul wasn't working for him) for the dates he wanted to travel. His girlfriend is studying in Florence and I'm very excited he's going to see her.

(click above to see note - don't know why it isn't showing up)
A note from someone I did a project with outside of my company.
I blew it off at first but then I was pleased. I try hard to be positive every day and she noticed. It's a nice compliment.


This pear juice was amazing. AMAZING. What WAS it? Don't know. Drank it and then left.

Watch some of this! CRAZY. Never heard of it.

Oldest sent me this. Equally as exciting.

I'm making this for our next dinner party. Thanks Poppy.

I posted this about a year ago and am haunted by it. I listen to the song on repeat on my phone nearly every day.

More  music I am obsessed with. I've used music a lot in the past 18 months, listening on trips to doctors and PT and commuting.

I love most of what Food52 sells...and we have some beautiful things from them.

One of my favorite lipsticks is dark purplish - these look amazing and I might have time to try them when I go to London next month.

I'm doing very well! My wrist is mostly comfortable (I have dozens of stitches) and a little misshapen. I can do almost everything BUT the most exciting thing is that I can do some things I have not been able to do for a year and a half...like WRITE. Until this week I could only write a couple of words before I was unable to hold a pen or pencil. I had become resigned to the fact that I would never be able to write again and was very sad about it in the weeks before I saw the doctor last month. So, not only did my surgeon basically save my wrist and hand in the summer of 2014 but he seems to have saved it again and I will be forever grateful.


Anonymous said…
Your surgeon needs a note. : ) Although I'm sure you've given him one.

You and your interests are so fascinating! You are super, super cool

Aimee said…
bb, i owe you a thank you note for that brigitte fontaine song; when you posted it a year ago i started listening to it everyday to help me improve my french pronunciation (i find learning the lyrics to songs is the most helpful for me, though i'm not sure that this is going to be the case for Polish.) merci!
marian said…
Yay! So happy you can write. Wonderful!
Paola said…
This is the perfect occasion for Middle to come and stay here. It's dead but it can still be beautiful when the sun shines. Frecciarossa (high speed train) only takes 4 hours to Napoli and from there another 50 minutes to Meta and I can pick them up. Give him my email!
Poppy B. said…
Wait--Middle has a girlfriend???

And you're welcome for the recipe. I've been smacking the internet over the head with that one for years. Finally somebody listened! I hope you like it as much as I do.

Question: How did bird survive meetings without being able to doodle? Answer: She is a superhero.
Happydog said…
So glad to hear you're wrist is on the mend for good! You are totally the coolest person I "know." I would never see these cool videos for cars or extreme sports if it wasn't for you.
kmkat said…
Back when that cray-cray ice racing was going on in St Paul we had coverage of it every night on the news. So, so nuts. And now I am haunted by that Teahupo’o, Du Ciel song, too. Happily for my sanity I found it in the iTunes store. And congratulations on introducing me to the first Radiohead song I have ever heard that did not make me want to run screaming from the room. (My boys were under strict instructions that all Radiohead music must be listened to on headphones, NEVER on speakers.)

Such wonderful news about your wrist and its recovery and your re-enabled ability to write. Yay!
KPB said…
Phew, I have just spent some quality time with you and caught up on all the news and happenings.

I am agog, AGOG re your writing. I had no idea you could no longer write. That you now can? This is such news!

I am in great need of a new lipstick. I want something halfway between a fly-catching gloss and a cement render. Of course I have actually done nothing to resolve this situation.

I love Food52. I've got two of their cookbooks - the baking one and Genius Foods and everything I've made has been superb.

So much more but that is what comes to mind!
Anonymous said…
That video of the surfing--I'm still in awe.
Trying to fathom your fear of never being able to write again. Terrifying. Your surgeon is a hero. It's such a vital thing, like brushing teeth or tying shoes.
I make Poppy's salad a few times a year to impress people and everyone always loves it.