links on Monday

Did I already show you this?

I have not ordered them but I'm convinced they would change my life.

Amazing paper stunts.

I think I'd like to try this.

I might want these. Or these.

Funny and not too far from fiction.

The perfect parenting accessory?

A link from K.

My friend D was wearing this last week and it was gorgeous.

My SIL recommends this.

Dream clothes. These too.

Tired of underwire and compression and half a dozen other things, I am very tempted by this.

This is quickly becoming an office lunchtime staple.

Creating crossword puzzles seems like rocket science to me - imagine plagiarizing them?


Duyvken said…
Piggy back rider -want want want!
Duyvken said…
And the bednest bedside crib is gorgeous too.
kmkat said…
That one-pot Greek chicken sounds fabulous! I had to figure out what pot I could use to both saute and roast that would fit into my convection oven (range oven has been unusable for a couple years, but we survive). I can do it!
You might want to check out, too, for comfortable bras.
Anonymous said…
I love that the name of the lip color is harlot red. Not to be confused with slattern purple or sluttina rose.

(I'm buying some, because you said it's good.)
Paola said…
I tried to read K's link but I got in space ...
I am a little skeptic about the bra, I hardly found one bra in my life that truly fit me well. And now it's old and falling into pieces ...
I was tempted to enter my email in Maple, this is the kind of thing that makes me sad to live here. True story.
KPB said…
I've made that lemon chicken rice dish, it is delicious.

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