this and that

I've just heard the weather report on NPR.
They said the temperature for tonight will be 0.
The actual temperature.
I'm thinking fireplace time with leftovers.

But the big news this week is: bye-bye hardware....


Having done its job well it is now doing some damage.
My fancy doctor has told me all along that he'd take it out if I asked. I never wanted it to be my decision (who would decide to have surgery?). Turns out it is no longer my decision. So, on Friday, out it comes. I won't explain more (you'd faint) but I will mention that for all of his elegance and formal manner, my fancy doctor was ruffled and upset when he told me. We are walking a long road together.

But look!
K got a valentine at work!
A Rice Krispie Treat!
He's been freelancing not far from my office.

I'm going to listen to some of these while I recuperate next weekend.
Krista Tippett has the most soothing voice.

Youngest was making his dinner late one night last week and got second-degree burns on his fingers. The internet came to his rescue and he did a good job wrapping them for the night then went to the infirmary at school in the morning.

He's doing better now, but I've become squeamish and K helps him change the bandages.


Oldest (who is known for wearing a hat in the house in the winter) had never had Affogato Semifreddo. I made him some last night as it combines at least two of his favorite things - ice cream, coffee and biscotti. So, three. Three favorites.


Don't put your feet on the seat on the train, people, or I will mock you and shame you and stab you with my eyes.

That's all for now.


Oh, I am so sorry about the upcoming surgery. Sending healing thoughts to both and Youngest.

Delighted to hear that K is working!

The treat you made Oldest sounds delicious. I think I need to research recipes.

Stay warm this weekend.
Poppy B. said…
Oof, sudden surgery--never a good thing. And I am concerned about your tactful silence on what led up to this. I am picturing my poor bird doubled over in pain. I hope your guys rally round and produce an all-you-can-eat Jell-O buffet to help with your post-op recovery! xxx
Duyvken said…
I am sorry to hear about the surgery. I hope you recover quickly and that the problems resolve. Such a pain! Affogato is one of my favourite things but I have never had affogato semifreddo - I will have to look into it. Thanks for the tip, Oldest and BB. xx
Paola said…
Oy Bb. Surgery again. What else could I tell you other than you are in the best care you could ever think of. WHy our fancy doc would go into such tiny details is beyond me though.
A hat in the house. Only Oldest.
I hope Youngest's gorgeous fingers recover at once.
Nice Valentine's for K.
Affogato al caffè, but there's also affogato al Whisky. Or both!
Scot said…
Does this mean you're getting rid of your little Eiffel Tower?
Tell the doctors that you want to keep it afterwards and we'll get it encased in acrylic!
Youngest - OUCH! Better stick to take out!
Affogato Semifreddo deserves a shot of either Kahlua, Amaretto, Frangelico OR Irish Cream!

and now to ask the question we're all asking...who the hell is Jane?