I have received my surgical clearance.
Well, sort of. I have to retrieve the paperwork on Thursday, which is an annoyance.
It is very warm and rainy here, also an annoyance as I really love the cold.
I'm having a hard time remembering how I carried my things to work the last time my arm was in a sling. I didn't need a coat and need to figure that out for next week, but what bag did I carry? I'm using a knapsack that Middle gave me for Christmas which won't work if I have a sling.
I'm sure something will come to me.
But wouldn't you rather look at some lovely links than help me contemplate my commute?

I was just getting into these. Again.

David Attenborough being awesome.

My friend DW is married to one of the musicians in Battles, who had a song in a Superbowl ad and I am completely addicted to it.
The song.
I mean the ad isn't bad either, but...

The history of Japan!

I am completely smitten with Misty Copeland.

15 Times Larry David said what we were all thinking.

Haunting, beautiful, sad, brilliant.

I've made this twice and recommend it highly.

I've been invited to go here and I'm looking forward to it.

OMG I've also been invited here.

Youngest has a sore throat and I gave him my magic German spray. This stuff is amazing.

I'm still considering this coat, but now it's 50°.


Susie Sunshine said…
I was kind of hoping this whole surgery business was just a Three's Company-type misunderstanding but it's seeming more and more like Mrs. Roper or Janet needs to get off their ass and straighten the whole thing out before my bird gets wheeled down the long corridor whilst K paces nervously in the waiting area.
Jeanne P said…
I have been completely smitten with Misty Copeland since she was a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance about a year or so ago. I pulled up some You Tube videos and was just amazed.. I read her book and loved her even more. Seeing her perform in person is on my bucket list
Poppy B. said…
Owie ow ow! and poor bird in a sling. Do you do standard-issue slings or do you like to brighten things up with a touch of Hermes. I'm asking for a friend.
Anonymous said…
Great links, as always. You give me such a cultured look at the world.
That history of Japan is cooooool.
This morning at yoga I realized just how much better I've become at meditation. Practice. I used to be awful at it, but now it's so much better.
Hope it stays warm enough that your sling isn't terrible to dress over.