links I like, for Monday

I am always looking.
ALWAYS LOOKING, at outerwear.
This is my present favorite, but it's really not cold enough to warrant a new winter coat.

We don't really do Valentine's day...but if we did these would be just right.

I'm nearly done with the London plan. I'll be here!

Here's my eyeliner story: I read that a particular Nars eyeliner was The Best. I ordered the eyeliner from the internet. I wondered at its price ($14.00) but went with it. I received the eyeliner - two of them, in fact. I realized I did not like the eyeliner (I never used it, but it was the marker-style, which I don't like) and, so, returned the eyeliner. I was credited $54.00 for the eyeliner. You do the math. My head hurts thinking about it.

This week I'm catering a breakfast.

Nice boot.

I have no words.

Haunting images.

We've done pretty well.

An excellent interpretation of Steven Wright's humor. 

I'm itching for a new kettle. 

I did some yoga today. It was very good.

Again, no words.

The weather report is for cold, snowy days ahead and I couldn't be happier.


Paola said…
K+K is not far from my boss's flat in London.
The menus you post every now and then kill me.
Scary/beautiful those abandoned places.
When I clicked the kettle, it read: "this item can't be shipped to Positano, Italy". LOL
kmkat said…
1. Artisanal firewood. Lord save us.
B. GREAT boot.
iii. I want to come to your catered breakfast. It is completely impossible to get a cream cheese and lox bagel in n.w. WI.
Jeanne P said…
My Dad and I LOVED to quote Steven Wright. One of our favorites was about walking in the plywood forest. It's two miles long and a quarter inch wide.

London. *sigh*
Anonymous said…
It was 85 here today. Ate--EEE-Fieeeeeeve.

I wore all black. Because they don't make anything darker.