I owe you a catch-up

I think, because I had various injuries which effected my whole body the first time, that I hadn't realized that surgery = exhaustion.
On Wednesday, Dr. Fancy, with little fanfare and a big pair of shears, took my cast off.


I looked, but only for a moment, before he taped it all up again. I saw his monogram (in purple marker) and some blood and my tattoo (somewhat intact) and the same, very fine, long set of stainless steel (yep) stitches.
I had x-rays and we marveled at the seven tiny round holes in my radius. They will fill in slowly (about a year) on their own but, needless to say, I must avoid anything involving falling.
I had stayed home until Wednesday but took the bus downtown to my office after I saw him...and I did pretty well until about 3:00 when I hit a wall of exhaustion that left me wondering how I'd manage to get home. And this seems to have been the story for Thursday and yesterday as well. Fortunately, the CEO is wonderful and also pretty self-sufficient. I don't sleep when I get home early, but I do sleep like the dead at night. I'm going to rest up this weekend and am hoping that I have more stamina next week.


I've had my tea and have been binge-watching Graham Norton.
(And Mr. Clooney.)
I have no real pain and my mobility is only slightly limited.
My appetite is hearty (I'm hungry!) but I cannot drink (wine makes my hand throb) and I am well and truly TIRED.
We changed my bandage last night and discovered that there's a sort of empty dent in my wrist. My thumb (still numb) has more mobility! (Hardware was impeding it.) Stitches (many, many) stay in for two more weeks.
I know this all may seem boring to you but I'm so pleased to have only my own bones inside me that I am just a little bit elated.


Here's a gratuitous photo of my boots and ankle. It's all about boots and ankles in the city. Trust me. It's true.

And here -


here's a gorgeous wall with beads and glass and string at Haven's Kitchen where I organized a day-long meeting yesterday. Isn't it lovely?

I have big things going on at work and am going to London in April and Chicago in May (Poppy!).

Looking forward.


Anonymous said…
Isn't it swell to have plans on the calendar? That's how I felt all last month between my girls' weekend and our trip to Cozumel.
Glad you are nearly done with all the business of recovering. What a journey that has been for you!
Poppy B. said…
Bird in Chicago, yay! Hope you're back to drinking by then. Don't worry; I won't let you fall.

I know you know this already, but remember to factor in General Anesthesia Brain. I had to play that card a few times after my surgery.
kmkat said…
Surgery and anesthesia are an assault to the system, even when done in a good cause. Rest that assaulted body so it can recover.

I have to ask: what is the red cord in the boot and ankle photo?
Anonymous said…
Wonderful update. Love your boots.

Paola said…
Anesthesia is the devil. But look at you with all those gorgeous plans. And, IMO, from what I've learned over these years nothign beats Chicago with Poppy!