Here's what's been going on, what's going on and some links.

It's been busy as heck over here, which is GREAT.
I cannot stress enough how great it is. It's fucking great.
Of course, it's like a well-orchestrated ballet figuring out who gets which car at which place at what time, but I luff it.
K shot a short piece for a client last week and starts a new gig editing at a terrific place this week. GREAT.
Oldest has been working consistently at a variety of places. GREAT.
Youngest adores his amazing internship. GREAT.
Though Middle's boss is away (no car videos last week) he is working all weekend at his other job. GREAT.

I had a crazy week - no train in the snow on Monday and very busy from there onwards culminating with a sort-of close-to-the-last-minute decision to cancel my boss's trip to Paris (business) which was a little anxiety-provoking, to say the least.
So, now, I'm sitting here, listening to this (they are wonderfully crazy) and writing and then I absolutely MUST do some housework...oh, and, also, I need to book a new hotel for my boss for the next Paris trip and break up with the old one, in a huff, via email.

I have lots and lots of lovely Chanel moisturizer from my Chanel fairy but, I must say that I picked up my old bottle of argan oil the other day as my face is feeling very dry in spots and it was wonderful. I need to consider these. And talk to Poppy.

I try, very hard, to not scowl. I've been accused of having a scowly face - fortunately, I've never been accused of having Resting Bitch Face. Here are some further options.

Gah. Starving just looking at this.

She wouldn't need a goddamn blanket if she put on a shirt. But, gosh, I do love the scarf. 

Our CFO told me what he thought was a wonderful story about he and his wife getting lost whilst snowshoeing, for many hours, with absolutely no equipment or warm-enough clothes. I didn't think it was such a wonderfully fun story because, 1. stupid,  2. my brother, an outdoor instructor and Wilderness First Responder and 3. STUPID.

A bit of red is a lovely little surprise.

Don't you find that it is, basically, impossible to convey the impact of a storm in photos?

I do love Barbie. I always have, but I sure-as-hell hope one of them has thighs that touch. God.

Have I mentioned that my amazing hair stylist and I rarely speak? And there's no music. AND it really doesn't even look like a salon. It's hair heaven.
I'm having a haircut on Tuesday.

We skipped ahead and watched tonight's Downton Abbey yesterday and at one point, in one particular scene, I screamed aloud! Wait till you see it!

I think I held my breath for the first two minutes, gasped for the next two minutes and then burst into tears.

On to the laundry.


NorahS said…
Wow! I can't wait to see it. Glad to hear of all of the greatness!
Poppy B. said…
I love thinking of you and your guys working out these elaborate ride-sharing schemes.

Also, yay quiet hair salons. I sometimes feel I should switch salons every two years just to start fresh so I don't have all this tedious shared history, ugh.
Jeanne said…
Yes! To husbands getting new gigs. Mine starts his Monday morning. Same company....different position and geographical location...which is potentially life changing for us as we'll be MOVING TO THE BEACH in September.

We also play " Who has which car on which day?" Saturday is my usual day.

Love STFU salon. My last haircut was at the Aveda school. 30 stylists and 30 clients all in one room but was surprisingly pretty quiet. Those students concentrate pretty hard and nobody wants them to get distracted.
Anonymous said…
I adore that scarf, too.
YAY for all the productivity--I bet all that busyness feels really good for each person and the collective group.
Silence is golden. My hair person is okay with not talking, thank goodness! But I've heard her with my son and she's good at talking, too, if needed, which I think takes real skill.
Duyvken said…
Great list, as always. All that work? Great, great, great! I always procrastinate booking a hair appt because I have to psych myself up for the chatter. It's hard work!
Amy A. said…
I like the Josie Maran oil, but I found sweet almond facial oil at the health food store and it's great and cheap.