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Do you know about Skillshare? So many great classes. I'm thinking I might like to learn to crochet.

This is lovely...and there is a similar situation at my station. The 7:19 (westbound) is held each morning so a nanny can get off the east-bound train and run to take it one stop. I've watched the stationmaster signal to the engineer so he knows she's on board.

This would be a nightmare for me. This is better.

I'd love one of these.

I always read Refinery29, not all of the articles, but lots. So I read and watched this...and then this.  I don't usually watch suspenseful things!

Speaking of - this looks very intense but awfully good.  AND holy moley, what about THIS?!

I was a little surprised by this. CNN? Really?

I'm making this for dinner tonight.

You can do worse than sitting around watching a bunch of Graham Norton.

My pal Poppy has been doing some beauty product reviews. And when I say "reviews" I really mean The Most Thorough Discussion on Beauty Products you'll ever need. Enjoy it while it lasts - we aren't usually lucky enough to have Poppy blog full-time.


Jan said…
I couldn't wait to explore the Grand Bazaar. When I finally arrived, it was overwhelming and quickly I decided, 'Check ~ been there, done that'. After leaving and being a bit haunted by a few places I breezed past but clearly stayed with me, I returned on our last day. I came home with several nice pieces, good memories of a few lovely people and a keen desire to return one day. In the meantime, I follow them on IG where we occasionally converse. I think you would love the Grand Bazaar!
But I do know what you mean...
Poppy B. said…
Way to make me sound professional and organized ... and just when I was getting ready write a post about the Dolce & Gabbana lipsticks I spent the whole weekend testing ... and which had actually been discontinued before I got around to trying them. Heh.

On the other hand, the Chanel eye cream gets two thumbs up, so there's that, at least.

Anonymous said…
I'll teach you some basic crochet in November.

I've been thinking about dunking my entire head in Botox. Does Poppy have advice on that?

I saved the ribollita recipe too.
Paola said…
La ribollita, delicious.
Crochet uh?
I always enjoy Poppy's posts, even though I wear none of all the products she so carefully and meticulously tests and describes for us. I am just in love with her and how she writes.
I had read about that CNN/Anderson movie.
On the other hand I don't think I ever told you of the time I flew for a few days (alone) to Istanbul and got lost in the gran bazaar, exiting on a total scary side street full of Turkish smoking men, at dusk. Fun times!
Poppy B. said…
I know--instead of a Silkwood shower, let's all take a Botox shower!
Crazy Mom! said…
Holy crap, that avalanche! Wow!

Crochet is NOT hard and can be quite soothing. I went through a spell of crocheting fingerless mitts for presents. You could do those!
kmkat said…
So many things to comment on!
1. The train that continues to run so that one girl can get an education made me think about how much that culture values education and young people.
B. When you need calming, look at this Tumblr:
iii. KnitPurl is one of my favorite yarn store, even though I have never been there. Such gorgeous stuff they have.
d. The legend in my family, of which the basic facts are true, is that the original person with our family name was a survivor as an infant of an avalanche in Switzerland in 1498. No one knew who this baby was since everyone else had perished in the avalanche, the babe was nameless. Solution! Name him after the village. And thus, my family name was born. Sidenote: there was a worldwide family reunion in the Swiss village in 1998 to celebrate the 500th anniversary. No, I did not go.
Anonymous said…
That dinner looks PERFECT for the weather you're having.
That orderly color and object display! Much preferable to the bazaar.
Too many good movies, but those Brits on TV with Bill Murray and Matt Damon! Even better stuff!
That train story is charming, but I never read a story about human kindness that I didn't like.
Stay safe in your storm. I meant to comment on your more recent post and say congrats on the nice things happening to your men, too, but my account was wonky. Now I think it's better.
Duyvken said…
The ribollita recipe has me looking forward to cooler weather. I have bookmarked it and will try not to forget about it.