links for Sunday

It's pouring rain and very windy and I love it.
K and I will venture out to a nearby museum to see some Maxfield Parrish.
Here are some things to occupy you while we are off.

Have I posted this? I use it all the time. Very helpful.

I use this too - and after I find out who is bugging me, on my cell phone, during work, I usually block them, leaving me feeling very powerful.

We only visit Costco a couple of times a year but I might try this.

Mr. Kottke makes some excellent points, but don't read them if you haven't seen the movie.

I failed at lunch salads this week too. I may try this one.

I aced lunch on Friday with the help of this.

Not bad. (see also: Sinead O'Connor)

The desire for an old, linen, French, artist's smock has come up in several conversations with friends of late. I blame it on this highly influential book which I and millions of others adored.

Tea for smoking is an interesting concept.

Every day, I wear: foundation, blush, eyeliner and lipstick. My quest for the perfect waterproof eyeliner is never-ending.


I've done some crowd control at a big venue (2500 people) but nothing like this.

I almost didn't believe this was real.

If only.

My pal Wendy raved about these years ago. Now I see that she was a genius.

I love my skylight/roof window view, but still...

Have a wonderful Sunday.


Anonymous said…
Your links always make me so happy and teach me something new.
Amy A. said…
Regarding eyeliner - save your money on benefit's new version with the rubbery tip. I have a sample of marc jacobs that seems to be working but the real thing is probably expensive. Let me know when you find one!
Poppy B. said…
I just Amazon-one-clicked Cheap Chic. For some reason I don't remember that one. Maybe I was too busy reading Zap Comix or Living on the Earth, by Alicia Bay Laurel.

BTW I was introduced to BelVitas by our Angie, who just served me some at her adorable house last week. Before taking me to Cops and Doughnuts and the Amish Wal-Mart, and yes, you should be jealous!
Paola said…
I was going to comment when I read Poppy's comment. Amish Wal-Mart??? Now I forgot everything.