oh, ho ho

It's so warm and damp here that it feels more like late spring than early winter.
I need a cold snap.
We're off to the surgeon today, I'm done with work for the year - my final act was orchestrating a pizza truck which visited our office building. It was the CEO's plan and, pretty much, genius, because PIZZA (and salad and gelato and beer and wine).
I passed out my rosemary roasted cashews and tried to focus on what needed to be accomplished before the end of the year and was very excited to be on my way.
Next year is going to be very busy at my job as we intend to move offices.

Meanwhile, back in Tuvalu, Youngest is done with school, his thesis delivered and well-received and he's landed his dream internship for next semester at a graphic design firm he admires.
Oldest has been busy, which is good, Middle is shopping staff positions (also good) and if everyone could do a little chant for K, I would be very grateful.

I have baking and wrapping to do and I have to put some boxwood here and there to green the place up a bit.

Have I mentioned we're doing Boxing Day here? With K's family? It's an All-Hands-On-Deck situation, quite literally, as K is one handed again and I, well, we all know about me. Fortunately, K's sisters are bringing delicious things too.

Here's a sweet little cartoon my brother L dug up from when we were little (actually, it's much older than that but we remember it from when we were little).

More soon!


Green Girl said…
Sounds like so many good things. Congratulations to your sons--such success! And I will continue to pray for K. He's on my list, you know.
Enjoy the festive season with your family.
Crazy Mom! said…
I remember Sniffles - very very cute!

Christmas was so hot that I almost turned on the air conditioning! 75 outside, worse inside over a hot stove!

Hope K is recovering well. And you too....