links from last weekend and pictures too

I never show peoples faces...


but I love everything about the lady in the hat.

I find this impressive.

OMG. The CEO just had me arrange for this.

This story had me so transfixed that I nearly sent K into the supermarket without me.

On the way home the other night, Youngest and I traded music. I loved it but holyholy, it was My Chemical Romance.


We watched A Very Murray Christmas the other night. I'm not sure I'd recommend it.


I've been instagramming lots of our dinners.


Not always in focus, of course. #apreslediner.

K has been working part-time. Sometimes that means this -


My newest obsession?
Word Bubbles.


We made Oldest run an errand for us.



Duyvken said…
The lady in the hat is wonderful. What a great expression on her face.
Anonymous said…
I think that lady is awesome too. I love these updates, period, faces or no faces.

Paola said…
Actually, faces complete the whole thing. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if they knew you and how/why you post. I'd be honoured to catch your interest. Because, hello, it's YOU!
kt said…
We enjoyed Mr. Murray's latest...despite Miley Cyrus. Thought the singing overall was sweet.

Try QatQi.
Green Girl said…
We haven't got Netflix, so I'm glad to hear we aren't missing anything special with Bill Murray.
What a great holiday-work-party idea!
kkc135 said…
Thank you for sharing the story of 23 weeks/6 days. I volunteer in our NICU (I hold drug addicted babies) and see babies like this one often. The littlest one we have is 22 weeks. The nurses and doctors are amazing! All I can do is pray for them. Thanks again for sharing.