links before Christmas

Since we're all going to be pretty busy, I thought I'd give you some links.
I think we are going to try to see Star Wars today.

I don't know how I missed it and I doubt you'll need it now but this is a great page on a site I love.

And this looks like lots of fun - we could probably use one on the 26th.

Anyone know about this site? Some of their dresses appeal to me.

Oh. Snap. (Am I using that correctly?)

Holiday traditions from around the world, adorably illustrated.

Tempting. But, then again, I can't honestly say toweling off after a shower takes too much of my time.

If you don't want Uggs (I'm walking around in ten-year old Uggs and you'll have to pry them off my cold dead feet) I suppose these are a nice alternative.


I need SOMEONE to tell me why a bathmat, HOW a bathmat, can be worth $80.

Have you read about putting your wine in the blender? It's all over the internet.

Do you know about Massdrop? You needn't if you are a woman, unless you are a quilter, though I do have a number of quilters who follow here...oh, go, look.

Youngest knew I'd like this...and I do.

The Skimm just boasted about this. Nice price range. Do you get he Skimm? Send me your email address if you'd like to.

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Green Girl said…
Merry Christmas! We're hoping to see The Force Awakens over the weekend. Should find some movie tickets in our stockings.
That link for gift ideas is incredible. Thank you.
Paola said…
Um, wine in the blender?

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