it's the busiest time of the year

My office party (for which I am responsible) is tomorrow.

Here's an edited version of our corporate card. (I helped.)


The tree is up, I've done some decorating, we're finished shopping and I'm sort of ready for the week ahead.

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Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 8.55.27 AM

I don't want one of these either -

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 8.55.05 AM

Have you SEEN Fashion Santa?  Nice, huh?

Mr. Niemann is fun, too, isn't he?

Can you imagine me linking to him? Can't help it. Smart.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

If it would get COLDER I would try this.

I can safely say that K doesn't have to worry about this...I don't think.

Big news of the week: Youngest has finished and presented his thesis and has secured an internship at an amazing place!



Green Girl said…
You created a BLIZZARD! Nice!
Fashion Santa has impressive cheekbones.
The clever, wit of that travel comic. Perfect.
And that video was a stitch--the PAIN in those men's faces. The way that one guy's eye twitched. I had a good chuckle on that-thanks!
Anonymous said…
I too appreciate the link to Mr. Neiman right now. That will be us in a few days. I made good packing progress and am getting organized and ready to battle for my portion of the armrest.

Love love love the cottonballs, bb!!

kmkat said…
I wish Mr. Niemann had an RSS feed -- I would see his newest every day. The ballerina made me cringe; she can do those impossible and impossibly beautiful things now, but her body will eventually rebel. And that Instagram husband is going viral. This is third time I have seen it today.
Paola said…
Fashion Santa: Awesome
Ballerina: SCARY legs, I couldn't keep watching
Instagram husband: that is proof of a new divorce ground, lol.

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