We are wishing our dear Middle the happiest of birthdays!
We are planning his favorites: burgers and lemon cake with lemon icing!

We appreciate Middle for:

His lovely nature

(Once, at the zoo with Middle, when he was pretty small, he said to me: Mom, look! A thamango. A THA MANG GO. )

His appreciation for fine things

(Middle and I have a similar sensibility when it comes to wardrobe.)

His adorableness

(He loves tigers.)

His swift and clever sense humor

(True fact: at our house we appreciate birthday cake but we almost never eat it at the actual birthday dinner. )

Happy Birthday Middle.

We love you.

These images are from Paperless Post which I love and use all the time. I have not paid for them and they have not paid me.


kmkat said…
My oldest announced that he saw an ingwing at the zoo. Penguin.
Duyvken said…
My C loves tigers too. Good people. Happiest of days to your boy.
Paola said…
Hope you had a swell birthday Middle!
Anonymous said…
Middle! Happy birthday. Belated now, but I bewish it anyway.

Green Girl said…
Happy birthday to him! I hope he had a swell time.