Veterans Day

Scot sent me this link - and, just in the nick of time, I've remembered it's Veterans Day.
My dad, who served, always bought me a poppy on Veterans Day, to remember.
Today I bought one for Youngest.


Unknown said…
That always makes me snivel.
Scot said…
I can do OK watching that until that young Sergeant embraces the flag in his arms, then I think of my dad's funeral and suddenly the lump in my throat is palpable.

However, that song has never made sense to me and drives me crazy. I'm sure every mother who has JUST had a baby, a newborn king (as the song says), in a barn, no room at the inn, no bed, only a manger, I'm sure that mother wants some kid doing a drum solo! R i g h t...
Thank you. That was a good reminder.

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