call me crazy

I might have a wee crush on Tom Cruise...

PS: Middle is home!


Glad he's back in one piece!
I have a wee crush on Fallon, so I get you.
OMG, I've had a crush since risky business but it was blown out of the water by his Scientology looney tunes. But if I'd been that girl in the seat, I woulda fainted,

Going to share this - thanks!
JustJulie said…
as I do whenever I see someone who is immersed in a cult (of any type) I feel such sorrow at their wasted life and wasted time here on earth. This man is my age, and his potential (when I think back to his movie Top Gun) for becoming such an incredible movie star was thrown in the trash by his mind numbing acceptance of the church of Scientology. To think of how his life could have been different had he not been abducted into this cult is a lesson in abject futility...he is handsome, his hair is great for a guy his age! and he seems to have a minute sense of humility, but that might be because he has to know that public opinion of him is viewed thru the skeptical light of his chosen "religion". I doubt he will have a sea change and join the world of the living, but some stars seem to have escaped recently...the top tiers of stars still enmeshed in this ridiculous cult appear to be Travolta, his wife, Kirstie Alley, and ??? I hope he makes it out somehow.
Paola said…
Who in the world didn't fall for him after watching Top Gun?
Anonymous said…
That was awesome! I have always had a crush on Tom Cruise, he has his issues, but so do I. I love that my kids didn't get the reference to Goose, or Risky Business. :)
Duyvken said…
I find him kind of creepy. Having said that I always like his movies. And who doesn't love a lip synch battle?

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