McSweeney's & McWanties: Highlighting All The Open Tabs On My Laptop

As part of McSweeny's Kickstarter campaign, they published this list of their 50 most-read humor pieces. This brought back all kinds of wonderful memories.

My favorites include:

It's Decorative Gourd Season Motherfuckers

I'm Comic Sans, Asshole

Email Addresses It Would Be Really Annoying To Give Out Over The Phone

God Texts The Ten Commandments

And, finally, two not included in the most-read list which are bird family favorites:

Muppets That Didn't Make It

The Most Dangerous Game

Yessiree, McSweeney's has been making us laugh for a long, long time.

And speaking of laughing, I spent all day yesterday (in between loads of laundry) watching Grace And Frankie. While I found it one huge cliche I stuck with it as there were poignant moments to be had and I think I'm in love with Lily Tomlin (who I never cared for much before). It's a sometimes smart comedy that goes down easily. I'd recommend it, you know, if you might need to sit on your ass and recover from a trade show and then prepping for a board meeting whilst preparing your boss for a business trip which requires a quick powerpoint.
Just saying.

On the McWanties (see how I did that?) side of my laptop are those two pink scarves (I think the cashmere blend must win) (my birthday is a month away), some tee shirts in my H&M cart, this (which I saw on the train and which has very subtle branding because I DON'T DO BRANDING, but which was, quite possibly the best backpack), then again, this is much cheaper and looks pretty great, one of these (because my skin is just meh and I've readreadread and exfoliating with a washcloth is just not enough) and, finally, as our third dining room clock has died, I want a Nixie Clock.

There you have it.
My thoughts on a rainy Saturday morning...well, some of them anyway.



Paola said…
Oh I love that clock (which of course I'd never heard of before you mentioned it)!
Anonymous said…
We too watched Grace and Frankie, and it really was the emotions that pulled us in, the heart break more than the humor. I enjoy Lily a great deal too. And Sam.

TX Carol
kkc135 said…
If I someone who is skin obsessed, there is a British lady who is a skin guru who might have some suggestions to revitalize your skin. Her name is Caroline Hirons. She does Youtube videos and has a website that you can search Cheat sheets for her recommendations. She doesn't like Clarsonics as she says you can't get the brush clean enough to use day after day. Yuck. She give high end and drugstore recommendations. Just saying.....

Have a good one.
Anonymous said…
THANK YOU for the McSweeney's links. I belly laughed on the Dangerous Game and the Comic Sans. I really, really needed a belly laugh today, so I owe you one, bb.
Crazy Mom! said…
You really REALLY need that pink scarf. Dusty rose.

It will make you feel happy about life - some color!

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