a list

I've been looking for new blogs to read and saw this. 
Thought I'd do it.

making : arrangements for a work event/party out of state
cooking : chicken parm sandwiches
drinking : tea 
wanting : a trip to the beach
playing : checkers with my little cousin last week
deciding : what to wear to work next week 
wishing : for fall 
enjoying : nectarines
waiting : for K to come home from archery
liking : taking walks in my town over the weekends
wondering : lots of things
loving : that Youngest walked with me today
pondering : starting a puzzle
considering : what to make for the dessert at the dinner with K's archery friends
watching : QVC
hoping : we get a good summer storm 
marveling : at Oldest's compassion
needing : a new nightguard
smelling : bergamot in my Muji diffuser
wearing : my JCrew striped dress
noticing : my throat is scratchy
knowing : we don't have a dinner plan for tonight
thinking : there's probably something to put together in the fridge
sorting : socks
buying : only the necessary 
getting : flowers from our garden for inside the house
disliking : sticky weather
giggling : just heard that Youngest won in cards last night
feeling : tired   
snacking : chips
coveting : a face brush
helping : a friend feel okay about changes
hearing : the rain
looking: at instagram, where I am also posting as merleb17


kt said…
Do you know "love those cupcakes"? She does the verb-ing thing as well, and has a dear doggie and a lovely patch of England to share. Reads, too.
Duyvken said…
Off to follow you on insta straight away. I am new to it but I love it.
Me too! Instagram is my new happy place!
raych said…
But ok, tell me more of these chicken parm sandwiches.

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