sweet internet friends

It was not my train, not even my train line, which was involved in the horrific crash on Tuesday.
I am safe and sound.

I thank you all.




cyn said…
so unspeakably glad
Paola said…
I frantically searched what line it was as soon as I read (I have CNN on my iphone so I knew right away) and found out it was Metro North. It's still VERY sad but I was so relieved to read it wasn't your line.
Lucille said…
I sent my thoughts in your direction when I heard that news. So glad for the update.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the update. I was SURE it wasn't your train. I kept telling myself over and over...

Still, so sad.
L.P. said…
Happy to hear that, so sorry about the crash.
Uh, what is up with that noise when I click on your blog>

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