contemplating the passage of time

So, the thing about being injured is that I find myself totally living in the moment. You know how everyone always says we should "live in the moment" ?  Well, I am. I am living each and every moment.  Time is moving very slowly for me. It has to be because I need to think carefully about everything I'm doing - tying my shoes, getting a cup of tea, typing - remembering and working within the limitations I have right now requires lots of thought and, I believe, this slows the passage of time for me. It's not necessarily a bad thing, and there's nothing I can do about it. If I had to guess where I was time-wise right now I'd say mid autumn. It feels like October to me.

I've been reading Zen Habits and this post really resonated with me. I am guilty of that kind of envious business and it's bad. Comparison is the thief of joy. And, aside from daily worries which I can do NOTHING about and should let go of, I should take this opportunity, being present in the moment as I AM, to appreciate what's going on around me. My great job, my wonderful boys, my little house, the cold weather that I love.

I think it's probably miraculous that I have the use of my hand, that K and I were not critically injured.
Time and work will heal me further and I'm guessing by this time next year I will have improved even more dramatically.

That's where my head is at.


Crazy Mom! said…
Life can be miraculous. Be thankful for all the good things.

10 days ago, Moe rolled my 2nd car, rolled it completely over. The car was totaled. Moe had not a scratch on him. No one else was involved.

I'm grateful....
Duyvken said…
A beautiful post.
Scot said…
"There's never nothing going on!". Have you ever see the movie PEACEFUL WARRIOR? It's a great movie FILLED with wonderful lessons and wisdom taylor made for people who've been injured and need help dealing with the mental side effects of recovery. I strongly recommend it to you! The lessons have stayed with me for years and are helpful in everyday life and strife, plus, it's a really good movie - AND it's a true story!
BB, my dear, sweet little buddy, please check it out.
On a crappy note, my computer crapped out and I'm trying to type this on my iPad. Hateing this! But at least I can still communicate...
Paola said…
Be in the moment.
How many times have I heard it.
You are so right.
Anonymous said…
That post is so true. I find myself envying others and I do have to step back and recalibrate my expectations. I am so blessed, they are, too, but it's okay to have different. Better to appreciate our own.

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