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My favorites this morning.

As I have been forced, by the universe to live in the damn moment each day and have some stuff to work through I coud really use some meditation lessons. I'm looking at you, B.

Don't you love deconstructing Wes Anderson? I do.

Oooh, Vera Wang...

(ooh, New York Times, I cannot get your code to work. Here is a link.)

Make life better!

Folding laundry one-handed is the devil! I've stopped worrying about the sheets.

 I luff James Victore.

This has been around a while, but it's sosoSO good.

K is at archery, I'm doing physical therapy and housework...two handed when possible.
I'm getting used to it every day and it is beginning to look like my own hand.


And, the damn pain management specialist has helped. Sigh.


Anonymous said…
Your scar with the anchor looks pretty bad-ass, I have to say.
And you've inspired me to schedule a Wes Anderson film festival in my living room this fall--first free weekend!
I KNEW the Starbucks people were messing with us. Devious baristas.
Anonymous said…
well, you could try an app with guided meditation. I like "relax and rest" - I use insight timer when I meditate, and though I haven't tried it yet, I hear they now have guided meditations. I like the book Meditation now or never... I want to say by steve hagen, but I could be wrong about that... I like mindfulness mediation. which can really be anything, it is just focusing as much as possible on whatever you are doing - this is the technique monks use when they meditate on sweeping the floor for three hours. All of this can work, or... you can just sit.... and focus on your breathing... think about how the air feels going in and out of your nose. and when your mind begins to drift, just come back to your breathing. Because at the end of the day, meditation is just about sitting.

Irene said…
I started something called Sophrology last week, it's beginning to be very popular here. it includes a session that is similar to meditation but gently guided by the sophrologist. it focuses on breathing. I love it. a 20 min session equals 2 hours of sleep. I come out of my sessions refreshed and lighter. xo
After I read the Dan Harris book I started meditating at bedtime. It is based on something in his book. I start focusing on the well-being of people in violent places in the world, then for people I haven't met (that's where you come in), then other people I know in my life, then my family, then me. If I've had a shitty day I try to let it all go, then I usually REALLY sleep.

You're hand is looking much better. I think the anchor looks like it's holding your scar together.

The Starbucks guy doesn't even have to try to mess up my name.
Jeanne aka Jean, Janine, Joann, Gene, Geen.
Scot said…
While focusing on your breathing also focus on an ear. Literally. Run your fingers over it, unfold the folds, trace the curves and gently tug on the lobe. You'll be amazed how well this centers you. I know this sounds weird but it works. I taught my pool team to do this during a match and everyone said it helped center them while playing.
Those fitted sheets are easier to fold if you use a corner of a (folding)table. Just hook a corner of the sheet over it and work your way around the sheet. Easy peasy!
Also, at Starbucks I always tell them my name is Spartacus. I'm still waiting for other men to say "I'm Spartacus!"
Crazy Mom! said…
I think your hand looks great, really good in fact. Keep at it!