This is how it goes:
We wake at about 6:00, depending on how good/bad the night has been.
K makes coffee and tea and brings it up to our bed. My hand is usually throbbing, I have some Tramadol and Motrin and vitamin C, and the medicines I take daily for a chronic condition.
We read on our laptops and, if it's been a long night, I doze a little.
We try to do a couple of things outside the house each day, the supermarket, the pharmacy, the library (the librarian's son was the EMT who took good care of me on the way to the hospital, yesterday I went to tell her how great he was), short errands to build our strength.
I usually need more pain medication in the afternoon and I'm only eating things I really feel like eating, so I've been eating fruits and grains, cheese, and tomato sandwiches.
I've been napping. Deep sleeps that feel like hours but aren't that long.
I get up and try to do a couple of house things or have a shower.
I can sit downstairs for a bit and have dinner with the guys at the table but usually get uncomfortable pretty quickly.
I was trying to ration out the Tramadol but that turned out to be silly and it doesn't work without something else to supplement it, and if the pain creeps up quickly I can have problems getting it under control. It's mostly at the incision site now - a dragging, pretty much constant pain, which is better today...hopefully better every day.
K keeps a list, on his phone, of what I take when, so we can keep track.
By 8:00, I'm back in bed using television to distract me.
Tomorrow we'll go to MFAOA's house for their annual barbecue.
I'm hoping to be able to stay for most of the day.
I am/we are getting better as the days pass.
K's patience and tolerance of my whining and crying is extraordinary.
Fortunately, I'm doing less of that too.
I'm impatient with the amount of time this process is taking.
I'm working on that too.


Paola said…
I hope you can enjoy a whole full day with YFAOA, eat, drink, laugh and generally be WELL.
It's long I know, but I saw your wrist and it couldn't NOT be. Patience is definitely required in buckets.
Same as Paola, but don't tire yourself out too much. After I had the knee replacement I found that a tramadol and 2 Advil were very effective for the pain. Have a relaxing weekend with the family.
heidi said…
Have you tried Advil Gel Caps instead of Motrin? They seem to work faster.
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness. These reports are a little heart wrenching. And yes, you have to stay ahead of the pain. No more rationing.

May the 4th be with you. Haha, I know that joke is funnier on May 4, but oh well.

Poppy B. said…
What about alternating Tylenol and Advil, a dose of each every two hours? That's what Mrs. Joke recommends to manage inflammation/pain/fever. It probably takes a toll on one's liver, but it's more important to be as comfortable as you can be so you can get quality rest and heal.

Ugh, this is taking such a long time! Poor bird. :(