sunday evening

Did I tell you that K has been growing a beard and mustache since our accident?
And that he had taken up archery and we had bought him a target for the yard for Father's Day?
It's good we ware being cared for by such a fine surgeon as K's wrist needs to heal well so he can go back to it as soon as he can!

Summer is a terrible time for a cast...especially if you have an incision - no dumping baby powder down it or scratching with a knitting needle for me. I am practicing being patient.

I see the doctor on Tuesday and even though I'm only supposed to have an x-ray I'm going to see if I might have a new cast. This one is rubbing terribly in one spot where I'm not even injured and my fat little swollen thumb is being squeezed tightly. I promise to understand if he says we can't disturb it but I'm going to lobby for it.

I'll work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday till 2:00. I'm being evaluated by a hand therapist on Tuesday too, down by my office. I'm a little nervous about PT being painful but I really need to work on being able to move my left fingers. I can't even imagine being able to hold a pen again.

I got my hair cut into a shorter bob last week. It's hot and humid and I really needed less hair. I almost couldn't stand having my amazingly gentle hair stylist touch me for that long but it was well worth it. She has a frozen shoulder, which I was recovering from when we had our accident but guess what?
Somehow, when they were "reducing" the fractures in my wrist or putting my dislocated fingers back, they cured my shoulder!


Yesterday we were at the market when a tiny old lady approached me and said:
have you been skiing again?
and I pointed to K and laughed a little and said:
yes, we both have...
and then she got shy and quiet and said:
oh, I'm so sorry for whatever happened to both of you.


Scot said…
I'm so happy that you are able to find a silver lining. Keep looking for more. It's an important step in any healing process.
thumbs up for the beard and mustache!
Paola said…
Beard and mustache during summer? Hmmm
Bb I feel so bad reading what you're going through, I really do.
Each time you add something that makes me think: if it were me I'd be crumpled in a ball and crying all day/all night.
But you are brave and wonderful!
Duyvken said…
I love that tiny old lady.
Anonymous said…
Little miracles--no froze shoulder, better hair, a sweet lady at the store. I like your take on life.
Crazy Mom! said…
Take every good thing that you can find and hold them tight!

So glad the shoulder's better...
heidi said…
Go for the new cast! Bless that tiny lady.
KPB said…
Every now and then the magnitude of what happened to you and K ebbs in my mind, then rushes back in to make me sit here exhaling and shaking my head.