18 things

I am grateful for:

K, who has seen me through not only our accident, which was pretty horrific at times, but this year, which has been somewhat tumultuous. He is my whole world.

My boys, who are presently making things easier every day and have made me proud as they cut fruit and help with dinner, go to the supermarket and help me commute.

Our extended family and community of friends who have sent extraordinarily thoughtful gifts.

My job, and specifically my boss, who has been generous, kind and supportive - these are not words I use lightly.

My co-workers. 116 caring, creative, fun people who have made it abundantly clear they're happy we're okay.

The wrist surgeon, his PA, the anesthesiologist, the EMT who told me to hold his hand while I screamed.

The physical therapist who helped me be able to do this yesterday - a huge effort.

The medicines helping me while I heal.

Dried pears, carrots and hummus, rice and vegetables, pasta, hard candy, macarons (!), dark chocolate, peanut chews, eating only what I wish to eat.

Those six dresses I bought on line at H&M. Easy on, easy off, super cheap.

Mindless distractions.

It's not too terribly hot out.

My bed. My pillows.

My vast array of handsome but comfortable shoes. I never really wore heels and would be afraid to now.

Scarves that make good slings.

Hot showers and that big plastic sleeve.

The promise of Fall and the passage of time.

We lived.


Anonymous said…

alice c said…
Happy Day sweet bb. May this year be gentler.
kmkat said…
My [virtual] world is better because you and your family are in it. LLAP.
heidi said…
Happy Birthday!! Keep counting those blessings... they have a way of multiplying.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday!
That's quite an extensive list of gratitude. Life can be so sweet, even in spite of horrible things.
Am admiring your newfound range of motion AND how CLEAN your hand and cast are. B's is disgusting.
Anonymous said…
Every day
In every way
You're getting better
And better
And better


Paola said…
Thanks for the video. It looks to me you're accomplishing the heart shape all kids do these days, half is there, I am doing the other half here.
Happy belated birthday.
NorahS said…
Happy birthday a day late. Wishing you a happy, uneventful year. :)
Duyvken said…
Wishing for you all your wish for yourself.
KPB said…
So much love to you. xxx
Anonymous said…
It was your birthday! Many happy returns, bb. I'm so glad you were born. And that you are healing up so nicely! All the boys and K will surely continue to take good care of you.

jbhat, sending hugs.