the first check up

We had an easy drive into town yesterday for our first post-op check-up.
Then we got the most perfect parking spot.
We had new x-rays and K got a great black cast. I'm jealous because I cannot have a real cast until all my stitches are out...probably a couple of weeks.
I have an incision that extends from the upper middle of my palm, just below my fingers, to the middle of my forearm.
It's quite long and neatly done and has stainless steel stitches and my doctor's initials in pen.
My tattoo is mostly intact. I couldn't look at it - I get woozy. My hand and arm were painlessly cleaned up and re-bandaged. (email me if you'd like to see it)
We had an easy drive home.

I bought a bunch of inexpensive over-the-head summer dresses that my cast fits in as I cannot pull up and zipper pants and didn't have anything sleeveless. All from H&M, all black, some with flow-y cardigans or loose tee shirts. But I cannot return to work until my stitches are removed and I have a solid cast, perhaps the second week of July.

We have worked out systems...I can eat with a spoon, we have a special shower glove, my Huzi pillow is perfect.

Everyone helps: running errands, prepping dinner, fetching things, and most of the time we are comfortable and happy...even though it kind of stinks to have been in an accident.

Our next check-up is set for July 2nd.


An Cailín said…
The shy reader comes out of hiding to say that I'm so sorry you've been hurt, and I hope you are feeling better soon.

Slán go fóill,
I'm glad you're healing and that things seem to be getting better.
Hilary said…
my office is nearby…. if you need anything let me know...
raych said…
I wish we were there. Eleanor would read her Winnie the Pooh books to you (they all start out 'One summer's day') and Geneva would, in all honesty, probably barf on you, but then she'd smile and coo and it'd be ok.

I would, I don't know, make you coffee or something.
Comfortable and happy is good.

My husband just expressed a desire to get a scooter for the Cape. He was shown your posts. Discussion ended. For now.
Scot said…
Glad to hear you two are doing better. Just how does one go about "painlessly" cleaning an incision that long?
A black cast! I didn't realize casts came in different colors. That's very cool. Now give oldest some white-out and customize it!
FYI, long shoehorns are for GREAT itch relief.
So what happened to the scooter?
Paola said…
Oy oy oy. Painlessly sounds hard to achieve but I trust you, if you say so.
Hope this time flies by, it must be even harder without a proper cast, black OR white.
kmkat said…
Glad all is progressing well.

I had a glow-in-the-dark cast when I broke my ankle. Just sayin'.
Anonymous said…
Longtime reader wishes that you and K heal as soon as possible; feel sure you will make the black cast when that time comes look very cool. Take care and rest and drink water. Xxo
Scot said…
"glow-in-the-dark cast" HOW COOL IS THAT!!??!!