Saturday, an update and preview

While there is still about a foot of snow on our lawn and our driveway is completely impassible for the ice, the city is melted and disgusting. Turns out hundreds of people lost mittens and gloves and scarves and cups and bags of dog crap right before the snow and they have all been unearthed now and the streets are pretty scary looking.

I've bought bras, people, do we ever talk about underwear here?
It's a horrible process, the bra buying, and my last experience being fitted put me off it all over again. The fitter was 5'10" and 102 pounds and sold me bras with foam cups. Big mistake. I don't know what the infatuation with foam cups is but it's difficult to find bras without them. (Everyone at my office getting this?) Anyway, I was wandering in the mall last weekend and trying on things at Zara, which: NO, and realized that perhaps underwear that fits me might be handy. I went here and Monica assessed me and my situation and without laying a hand on me or a tape measure around me, was right on target with the bras. With the exception of the itchy lace one which I will return today.

I've got an offsite meeting for three days next week which involves a lot of sitting around and making sure the food is good (that's my job). I'm looking forward to it, actually, sitting and listening for a few days. Of course, there is the powerpoint I have to make.

A friend is coming from out of town in the middle of March. Make yourself known in the comments, friend. I'm excited about that. There's a surprise party in there too, somewhere...but then in April: LONDON. The kicker? K is going too. True. Can't believe it. He is actually shooting at the same event I am attending. I've changed my travel arrangements and we'll do a weekend and that is very exciting. I'm going to meet Alice as well. I can't even.

After that I have a major event I'm organizing in the city in May. And then it's summer.
Have I gone too fast?
There's a lot in the middle but I do know that I'd like to return to that house I rented for K's birthday after the May event. The May event just might kill me and I am itching (forget earlier bra reference) to go back to that house to unwind. I'm a little wound (obviously as I am skipping huge chunks of time to get to a mini vacation in my head).

So, back to today. I'm picking up a friend, going to the mall to return the itchy bra (back to earlier bra reference) and having a look around for a couple of dresses to bring to London because I've gained some weight and the cause of that, my friends, is something I have started a dozen posts about and then deleted all of them. Suffice to say, it has nothing to do with my eating habits.


kt said…
The girlie and I are die-hard Soma fans; they have made the torturous bra-buying experience less tortuous several times now.

Your agendas sound magical. Keep on keeping us in the know, I for one, love living vicariously through your travels and adventures. Happy weekend!!!
Anonymous said…
Wow, so busy! I love that you have found some good bras (there should be a ban on lace on them, period!) and that you get to see Alice.

My weight gain always has to do with my eating. I have such a sweet then salty and then sweet again and then salty again problem. And wine flows along with these as I alternate, so I am sort of screwed.

miz s said…
Buying new bras and underwear used to be fun about a million years ago. Now it's just, ugh, very utilitarian.
Thrilled for you about London! Can't wait for marvelous stories!
Scot said…
OMG! I can't imagine what it would be like if men had to go through that to buy underwear. So many scenarios playing through my head right now.(and for some reason they all feature Will Farrell, ick!)
Duyvken said…
I need to buy bras too but keep putting it off. Such a not fun thing to do when I could be playing with a the babies. Your year sounds busy but filled with new adventures and challanges - nothing better than that. Well, I hope the weight gain is not a thing that is too challenging.
alice c said…
I'm feeling a little faint at the prospect of you stepping out of my computer after SEVEN years and becoming A REAL PERSON. I think I imagine you flat and screen sized.
I must rush out and buy myself a new bra. Foam inserts will not be required in my case. I cannot wait.
Anonymous said…
A good bra is a magical thing.
It sounds like so much fun--London and meeting up with dear friends and important meetings.
Susie Sunshine said…
I'm fashionably late to the party despite a couple of reminders to update my Reader.

I am looking forward hanging at the Bird nest in 4 weeks! Shopping for my all-black with a hint of gray wardrobe of flowy, drapey things today!!! :)
Meeting our imaginary friends is so much fun! Did you know I met Mrs Pom and we had a lovely lunch on Nauset Beach?

My hubs was going to London in 1999 for 4 days and his boss bought me a plane ticket to go along. I would do that again in a heartbeat! Have fun!

Bras.Ugh. I am living in Sports bras as I lose weight(sadly, they are adequate for everyday), but for dress up I have a Vanity Fair, cross-back underwire that is so comfortable I could sleep in it!
Paola said…
Bras= The devil.
You AND K to London to meet Alice. Why did this have to happen when I can't move? ARGH. But then it's best to leave you all to Alice. What would I be doing in between of two icons!

KPB said…
So much to be thrilled about here! Hello workmates!