The Scene: bb and K are watching the weather report as a snowstorm blows outside. Commercials for many local services, including ones for lawyers are seen.

bb: where do you suppose you get those scales of justice that guy has on his desk?

K: (clicking through eBay pages of scales of justice) do you want it with the woman or just the scales?

bb: oooh, you can have her sitting or standing.

K: I like this one especially.

bb: is that her boob?

K: only one is exposed...

bb: how did...oh, her dress must have slipped down...


bb: of course, so she doesn't realize.


Anonymous said…
Ha ha ha! Yes, unless it was chilly, Justice wouldn't notice a wardrobe malfunction.
Hope you're staying shoveled out and have power through this storm.
Looking good over here at blogspot.com!

For the record, I have NO cheesy law tchotchkesin my office.