and we got it

It's never as dire as they predict.

It is pretty, though.

It felt like everyone in the city was waiting.

So, after they announced that the roads were closed and that the railroad was on a weekend schedule to reduce the number of trains running, and the word went out that the office was closed too, we settled in...


The whiskey was later.

This weekend, the decorations come down.



kt said…
Oh! Is that a Gorey puzzle? You are the coolest.
L.P. said…
I was going to make the same comment as above! A nice fire and an Edward Gorey puzzle- heaven.
Paola said…
A puzzle, a fireplace, a whiskey.
kmkat said…
Zigsaw puzzle? I'll be over in ten minutes. (Just as soon as I get my teleporter working.)
Anonymous said…
Your settling in looks elegant and cozy. Whiskey and a puzzle by the fire--heaven!

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